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Rustic Wedding Decorations: 5 Basic Must-Have Accessories For Your Wedding

Although you’ve dreamt about your wedding day since your were a little girl, wedding planning becomes a blur when you’re already there — engaged and without a single clue where to start. So you encounter tons of rustic wedding decorations and now you’re confused with the thousands of pegs and wedding ideas (damn you, Pinterest! Ha ha) — from clueless to overwhelmed bride-to-be real quick.

I was exactly in your shoes 3 years ago and I completely understand how stressful (and did I say expensive?) wedding planning can be. But you know what helps big time? Sticking to the basics.

Below are 5 must-have rustic wedding accessories that you should have on your wedding:

  1. Hessian or burlap cloth

Nothing is more apt for a rustic wedding than this woven cloth that is so versatile, you can literally use it in a hundred ways. Burlap table runners, check. Burlap favor bags, sure thing. Burlap cutlery holder, yes please! 

Hessian or burlap cloths are ideal for a rustic wedding as they are simple, earth-toned, and very classy. Pop in some lace accents in there for added elegance for a more formal celebration.

  1. Wood

When you think of a rustic wedding, you think of wood! Wood is one of the most common accessories in rustic weddings especially in the Philippines — it’s available literally everywhere.

The thing about woods in weddings is that they can make even the most basic venue look dainty and whimsical. You can use wood as a backdrop or a panel or you can also have them customized for ref magnets, favor boxes, guestbooks, and boards for your wedding signages.

  1. Lights

I mean, it’s a no brainer you need lights for your wedding but it’s really not the massive chandelier that matters. With a rustic wedding, those tiny blinking fairy lights make the difference.


They make your wedding venue more cozy and intimate (if that’s what you’re after). They give that romantic lit that makes you want to go ‘awwww’.

  1. Greens

When it comes to a natural, laid back, rustic wedding, it’s best to opt for spring colors. Think of bright — but not too bright — colors that you would often see in the forest — light yellows, oranges, and never ever miss out on the different shades of greens! 

Although there’s really no rule when it comes to your wedding palette, adding a touch of green with the earth-tone vibe of a wedding is such an easy way to achieve that quaint rustic vibe. You don’t even have to spend a ton on expensive flowers! 

  1. Sweet and funny catchphrases

Okay, so this is not quite an accessory but having some sweet and “punny” wordings and signages on your wedding can make it more memorable and fun!

Coming up with catchy and engaging catchphrases is a great way to involve your guests and make them giggle some more (as if they won’t be giggling enough from the overflowing cheese between you and your groom!). When done correctly, they’re undoubtedly going to be a hit on a relaxed, rustic wedding.

Don’t overdo it though! If you have to explain it to your guests, then that’s not catchy or “punny” at all. The key is to keep it witty, simple, and short.

You’ll be surprised with how easy it is to pull of a rustic wedding for a theme. Let your creativity overflow with these basic touches and add some personalized wedding details and you’re sure to have a wonderful, romantic, and lovely celebration!